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About a week ago I was turned on to this guy named John Chow if you don’t already know who he is I will explain. He is from Vancouver, B.C., Canada which is just a coincidence because I am also from Vancouver and he is the number one most visited blogger in Canada and fourth in the world. He writes about how he makes money online and last week as I was surfing YouTube I came across a video that he was the key speaker in and I must say I am very impressed! He shared so much with his audinence and I was pleasant surprised to hear actual tips and tricks for the everyday marketer. This wasn’t some Guru spitting the same tired lines of fluff this was Indepth actually useful information. I even learned stuff that I had no idea about to do with email marketing and blogging plus a hole bunch of details on which sites to use for this purpose and for that purpose it was awesome. This is my first Post as a serious marketer and I wanted it to be about this guy because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to overcome a certain hurdle that had been keeping me on the sidelines. So with that Being said I will include a link to his site and I suggest anyone looking for success online to go to his page and copy his strategy for it is working for me!

Free Estimates, Are they costing your business?

Does your business offer free estimates? Why?

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Does giving your customers a free estimate cost your business money or do you gain enough contracts through this promotion to offset any losses? I have owned a roofing company for three years now and my experience with free estimates tells me that they are not worth my time as out of ten given I am lucky to gain one new customer! In fact I can’t remember the last time I sold a roof to a customer that requested a free estimate. I don’t know who started offering these freebies in the first place and why we have made them the norm In the industry.

I think that if you tell people you do not offer free estimates then you are more likely to gain the kind of customers that spend more on average and are less likely to complain when the final bill is tallied. Just think if you…

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Roofers are sneaky learn the tricks to get a quality roof.

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So I am the owner of Vancouver Roofing Services and we are based out of North Vancouver,BC, Canada. What i am about to tell you will come as no surprise to most of you especially those home owners who have dealt with shady roofers and unscrupulous roofing companies. By the way there is a link to one of my favorite e books in this blog that I have used to help represent our brand as the honest, quality and affordable roofing company that we are. So for all you roofers and roofing companies that have the same difficulty getting customers to trust you like I had then this book is for you. Also for you home owners that want to inspect roofers work or DIY than take a look at this book out will change your perspective and give you insight that is invaluable. We have been servicing this area…

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Moss Removal service ( How to remove unwanted moss from your roof)

Moss Removal service ( How to remove unwanted moss from your roof).

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